One full day in the bubble of freedom in expression, touch and sexiness

26th june 9:30-21:30 in Amsterdam

If only I could sink my teeth into you and gently bite your finger. If only I could sink my hands into the skin of your hips and push you close to me. If only I could lower my gaze into your eyes and bite my lower lip with pleasure. If only I could project my sexy charm on you and that you desire no one but me. If only I could run my tongue over your feet and create a train with my spit.

Because god you are amazing. I want you to be mine, mine and me alone. That I can share all my joys of life with you and forget my burdens for a while. Sharing with you the playfulness in me in this adult playground. Until we can't hold back anymore.

I want you to be mine, mine for now and mine for tomorrow. I want you to be mine, because you are so wonderful in everything you radiate.

And then I remember that I'm looking at myself in the mirror.

I'm you and YOU'RE MINE.

Over the past six months, Come for Me has been turning its wheels at full speed. 4 beautiful people have each individually gone through a transformation that has turned them positively into the warrior, slut and goddess they are today. It was magical for them and for me too! After seeing what each got the most value from in the Play Dates (physical sessions) and Camgirl Dates (online sessions) I thought it would be a GREAT idea to pack these highlights into a 1 day group retreat. For everyone who first wants to taste the juiciness of Come for Me and who wants to dance along for 1 full day on the waves of a free sexual lifestyle, all in a group setting.

This day is about getting to know your limits, desire and physical connection better

Due to the many (sex-positive) events that I have been able to attend or supervise, 1 thing has become very clear to me. We as humans often have trouble saying no, but actually the deeper layer of this is feeling no and yes, experiencing and enjoying it.

Feeling your field closing, your posture changing and getting caught up in thought means NO.

The 5 Play Dates from Come for Me that are incorporated into the structure of the day:

- Body Boundary: Feeling your real YES & NO's.
- Voice Liberation: Being able to give real sound to your inner world
- Surrender & Receive: Surrender in rope to loving touch.
- Sexual Selflove: Dare to show how sexy you really can be.
- Inner Mariage: A marriage ritual with yourself for a renewed relationship with yourself.

The layout of the today

We start the day with an opening circle & exercises that are about learning to feel, indicate and pronounce your YES's & NO's. This instantly sets the foundation for the day (and the rest of your life). In this way we get to know each other in the group in several ways. After a short break we will give sound to our voice, we will communicate without words about what is happening internally. Whether we like or dislike something, whether we enjoy something or want it to stop. Because even without using words we can say so much! After the vegan (n) lunch we will connect with our

inner feminine side, the part of us where surrender is hidden. Because if we dare to indicate our limits and desires, the chance is many times greater that we can also surrender. We are going to learn a simple knotting technique and play with conscious touch. Consciously touching with loving (non-sexual) intentions. The lesson here is to give and receive unconditionally. And from this softness we make a transition to the more sexual side, we are going to dress up in a sexy outfit! To then do an exercise that is in the

sign of vulnerable love, a certain love shower I can say. We will conclude the afternoon with a vegetarian dinner to make room for the Inner Marriage Ritual. This will take up the entire evening. What this ritual looks like is still a mystery. In short, it is a day that will touch a lot in you, going beyond the surface and going deeper than what we can see with our eyes. I want to take you to the edge of your comfort zone where the real growth begins!


This day is fully incl. vegetarian lunch and dinner, snacks and tea. And you will receive your own Surrender To Me goodie bag, which ensures that you are completely connected to yourself.

The day starts at 9:30 am and ends at approximately 9:30 pm. We will be in a beautiful homely location in Amsterdam Ruyschstraat (tram stops in front of the door).

This event is for all genders and genders. After purchasing the ticket we have a short phone call to get acquainted (if we hadn't done that before)


You're Mine Dag Retreat 26 juni

€ 175,00 € 145,00

You're Mine Dag Retreat 26 juni

€ 175,00 € 145,00

Early Bird till 28th of may (this day will be given in English)
Single Ticket €145,-
Duo Ticket €195,-


Single Ticket €175,-
Duo Ticket €225,-

Tickets are non-refundable

The next YOU'RE MINE Day Retreats are scheduled for September 11 and November 26.

Het Team

Melinde Witkamp

Sexuality for me is a playing field for the adults, a way to express myself (or parts of myself), let it occupy space and empower. Discover each other more deeply through touch, communication and spirit energy. My greatest desire is for people to love or even love themselves. To dance with life and use life as an endless experiment. Working as a coach, escort and storyteller I make the world a piece of juicy-er in my way

Manon Steltenpool

Manon is specialized in the polarity of masculine and feminine energy. She has coached me through my life for some time and is a constant source of inspiration for 'the magic of being a feminine being'. On this day she will help me (with 6 or more registrations) with spaceholden and enrich with information about everything masc & fem.